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About me

       My name is David Waddoups and I am currently a student in the Architectural program at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am graduating with an Associates of Architectural Technology from BYUI in december of this year. At which time I plan on transferring so I can get my bachelors in Architecture. I am currently looking for an internship for the winter and I am excited to be able to put to use the skills I have learned in school. I recently got married and am looking forward to having my best friend around for a long time.
        I have worked in the construction field for about eight years total. I began at age 18 as a grunt for a housebuilder. Since that time, I have worked my way up to second in command for a couple different companies. One of the reasons I chose the Architecture program was because I always liked to think about how a house went together and what could be done to make it really stand out. I didn't go into the construction management field because I wanted something a little more creative than that. I think architecture is a great mix of creative thinking and logical design. It is something that is both very challenging and greatly rewarding. I know I can excel in the Architecture industry in with the proper schooling and experience and I look forward to learning all I can.
David Waddoups
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